Welcome to Zen MArtial Arts

  • Mission

    To improve our community and citizens while we positively develop the skills of our students through the training of Martial Art.

  • Mission

    To improve our community and citizens while we positively develop the skills of our students through the training of Martial Art.

  • Goal

    To provide a healthy and safe atmosphere, loaded of positive energy and to support the physical and mental health of our students.

  • Goal

    To give inspiration and to motivate the personal excellence through the examples of the black belt inside as outside of the school.


  • Goal

    To have a positive impact in the community, being taught respect, courtesy and self-esteem to the people.

  • Goal

    To give the feeling of power and self-control in our students lives while they develop their physical and mental potential through the martial arts.

  • Goal

    To obtain that our students become champions beyond the school, that they are champions in life, in their work and with those who coexist, mainly in the relation between parents and children.

  • Back to School

    Back to School Special!

    If you want to enroll your child in any of our kids programs, just click on the email icon on the top of this screen and we will contact you shortly.
    To get information or enroll even faster, give us a text or call
    Our After School Program is really amazing and is almost sold out,
    so don't wait!
    -After School Program: 1 Free week!
    - Karate Program: Only$49 for 6 weeks!
    -Tumbling: Only $39 for 6 weeks
    Our programs come with a ton of classes and
    some great free stuff. But the most
    valuable things it comes with are:
    - A positive environment for your child to learn and grow.
    - Friends! Our students form tight-knit bonds. Kids who train together, hang together.
    - And life skills like confidence,discipline, and focus.

    This is what our moms are saying about our After school Program:

    "My daughter Ruby LOVES this after school program. They give her a snack, help her get her homework done, and give her plenty of play time! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great place to send their child after school."

    -Deidre Morgan

    Ganado, TX.


    Luis Jimenez, Aug 9, 2016 9:05:41 PM

  • B2Sbash

    PARENTS! Our “Back 2 School” Martial Arts DEAL will get your kids excited about school, able to focus after a nice summer off, and more hard-working & respectful than ever before.
    READ BELOW and click, text, or call for more details!
    Our classes get kids focused, self-disciplined, and ready NOW for a SUCCESSFUL school year! Then once school is back underway, our classes keep them ACTIVE, FOCUSED, and having FUN!
    Back 2 School Special JUST SATURDAY!
    Martial Arts Classes - 50% off! 6 Weeks + FREE Uniform Just $34.50 (Regular: $69)!
    After School Program special - 1 FREE week!!
    Call or text us and let's chat NOW at (361) 571-7809 :)


    Luis Jimenez, Aug 5, 2016 8:33:41 AM

  • Back To School Bash

    We want to start off the School Year in an amazing way and we want to invite EVERYBODY in our community to attend this event. This is an event for all ages and gender.
    In this unique event we will speak to attendees about goal setting, focus, and how to be safe around bullies!
    We will even teach the children some basic self-defense techniques and we will have some awesome games so everybody will have fun!
    RSVP immediately at 361-571-7809 and come with us to have fun!


    Luis Jimenez, Jul 29, 2016 8:10:10 AM

  • ASP


    You and your kids are going to love this Amazing program that serves families in Edna, Ganado & Inez elementary schools! 


    Free Transportation!

    FREE Karate classes!

    FREE Tumbling classes!

    And more!



    And secure your AWESOME child's spot in this Amazing Program



    Luis Jimenez, Jul 14, 2016 9:18:01 PM

  • Back to School

    Attention Edna, Ganado & Inez Parents!

    Registrations are open for THE BEST after school program in the area! 
    We offer a SAFE, FUN and exciting after school program that includes Martial Arts, Tumbling, Quiet time to complete Homework, and more! 

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in our very affordable program, please call, text or message us here. We will be only offering a limited number of spaces. Our program sell out each year and we are excited to bring them to you in these elementary schools! 

    Call or text now at (361) 571-7809 or leave us a message. Just click on the mail image on the top of this page.

    Luis Jimenez, Jul 7, 2016 3:31:28 PM